About Travellers Emergency Hotline

TEH is the creation of Kimberley Walsh, one of Canada's most innovative business entrepreneurs within the travel industry. When Kimberley established her flagship company "K. Walsh & Associates Travel Services Inc." in 1988 she understood that service to her clients was an around the clock commitment. If a client was stranded in Saskatoon or Saigon and needed to make changes to their plans, Kimberley knew that she needed to be there for them.

As her business grew, and after-hours calls became more frequent, Kimberley knew that she needed to either contract with a company that had operators outside of Canada, or do it herself. Not satisfied that any other company fully understood the nuances and needs that her clients would have, Kimberley decided to handle the calls internally. From this experience, the company was approached by several travel networks to have K. Walsh & Associates Travel handle their valued clients. It was at that time that TEH was established.

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