Travel24 incorporates a strategic mix of software and hardware to build up a reliable technology ecosystem. All the systems that we use have a high level of security and are set up for redundancy and high-availability. The main server that is in charge with transmitting information to the Call Centre has an Elite quality level and it meets state-of-the-art standards in the Telecom world. Travel24’s technology helps us provide general queues and skill sets for your agency, since our system can recognize your caller and answer the call using your agency's name. Our telephony system identifies the type of call, then determines and routes the call to the best-skilled agent. This way we have constant interaction no matter the location of your caller.

Travel24’s Call Centre has full integration thanks to three travel industry GDS systems (Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo/Apollo). This integration allows our consultants to easily manage your accounts.

Travel24’s VOIP Routing features enable the customization of the call flows. This can be done by using a toll-free number and/or menu selections that are entered by the caller. The callers are instantly greeted by an auto-attendant that prompts them to make a touch-tone menu selection; the call is then routed to the first available skilled agent. Regarding Travel24’s telephony system, we have done great efforts to integrate new technology and we have spent both time and money to be able to answer calls promptly. The calls are routed to our best suited consultants in order to meet your agency's requirements.

Aside from our Call Centre VOIP Telephony technology, we also have in place unitary applications. Our consultants use them to log each call, as well as the details of the call. These logs are automatically included in our invoicing and billing modules, which provide you monthly invoices with a detailed billing.

  1. Fiber optic backbone.
  2. A complete end-to-end Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephony solution. It is integrated with UPS backup power generators, in order to deliver 99.9% online system efficiency and optimal performance.
  3. T1 internet lines offer efficient real-time high quality voice and data transmissions.
  4. Calls are routed by language, skill set and the called number.
  5. Calls are recorded for training, accuracy and monitoring.
  6. Our travel counsellors are qualified to use the Amadeus, Sabre and Galileo/Apollo GDS systems.
  7. Real time call monitoring and reporting.
  8. Our goal is to provide streamlined call centre applications that have system redundancy integrated with our VOIP telephony technologies.

  1. Hundreds of calls, text messages and emails run through our call centre on a daily basis. Managing them is a crucial task in order to maintain high levels services for our clients. Any call centre can buy the best technology on the market, but it is the people behind this technology that deliver the results that you are looking for.
  2. Travel24’s IT staff is made up of industry experienced professionals, with all of them being experts in the telecommunications area. This talented team allows us to provide customized applications to any of our clients requiring more than cookie-cutter types of applications. Our company’s philosophy can be described in few words: “If you can dream it, we can build it!”
  3. Digital Call Recording offers a unique opportunity to enhance the quality of the customer services we offer to our clients. It enables Travel24’s management to easily evaluate the agents’ performance and set benchmarks for agent productivity. As a leader in the use of remote workforce, Travel24 is using modern telecommunication methods which help us to better identify the training and coaching needs. Digital call recording allows us to facilitate and promote this aptitude.