Travel24 Call Centre allows corporate agencies to provide their clients 24-hour assistance all-year-round. Customer service is a one-stop-shop. Travel24 agents assist your clients on your behalf, stating your agency name and your agency policies. We use client profiles from your database, as well as GDS pseudo city codes. This way, your agency will retain all the GDS segment credits for any new or revised reservation. Travel24 offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of your agency and your clients, following all the travel industry’s rules and regulations. Our goal is to deliver superior customer service, so we constantly review our services in order to upgrade them whenever it’s necessary.

Travel24’s call centre is 24/7 available for you and your clients whenever you are in need. Live agents are also available round-the-clock, without using any answering machines or voicemails. Travel24’s telephone lines are available from any part of the world by using local numbers or dedicated numbers for clients.

Get faster response times and consistent messaging with Travel24 Email Response Solution. Today’s customers expect a timely, accurate response to their inquiry. They might otherwise lose their patience and call to your customer service line. This leads to a double inquiry compared to the initial one, as well as to increased costs due to the lack of timely response. A growing number of travel agents, travel managers and corporate travellers prefer to use the email service from their laptop, Blackberry or cell phone. With Travel24 your clients will be able request assistance by using their email or phone.

Travel24 Email Response Solution provides immediate feedback to your customers. They are thus announced that someone has received their inquiry and that they will be contacted back within one hour. Based on the customer’s escalation process we can determine if an auto-response should be used based on the customer’s requirement. We focus on providing immediate and consistent feedback to make sure that there are as few repeatedly sent emails as possible and that the first contact resolution is achieved properly.

Since today’s world has become tech savvy and everyone is looking for quick answers to their problems, Travel24 is a one-stop-shop when it comes to providing solutions. When no other option is available, your clients can contact us through text message too if they are in a place with low or no mobile signal. A dedicated number for text messaging will be assigned to your company, so your clients can use this option too to reach Travel24. Our agents on duty will provide them with the needed assistance

Travel24 provides the VIP Elite Whiteglove service, a special option dedicated to the clients who work in the higher ranks of management. VIP Elite Whiteglove is an extra service for those clients who prefer to be treated with extra special care. By choosing our best personalized service, your designated VIP Elite customers are given a dedicated telephone number. The number is theirs alone to contact Travel24 at any time, while their call is located ahead other calls in the queue, and is routed to a senior agent. No fuss, no muss, no wasted time. Something every CEO will surely appreciate.

Travel24 offers a lot of options when it comes to making any modification regarding the client’s reservation. Change reservations, make new reservations for a trip, refer calls back to the shareholder agency as agreed during their regular business hours, provide flight schedules, quote fares (excluding tours, consolidated fares, round the world fares), issue PTA's, use electronic ticketing options when requested by the agency and/or traveller and queue all accessed PNR's to the subscribing office before the next business day. You can also change convention/meeting bookings if required (any new conventions will be referred back to subscribing agency).

Issue any new tickets or exchanges that need to be solved before 12:00 o’clock agency time, the next business day. All other tickets/exchanges will be queued to the agency in order to be solved.

Travel24 provides E-ticketing services only. The E-tickets are emitted only after we receive a confirmation from the subscribing agency.

Travel24 provides monthly reports to the customer. The reports contain information about the total number of calls and about the number of calls referred. They also include the total cost of the service that is being charged, plus the additional charges for issuing tickets / exchanges / web tickets etc. We also provide monthly usage reports by location to every agency that is subscribing to the service. These reports will reflect the Pseudo City Code, the time of call, the traveller’s name, the ticketing activity and the reason for calling.

Travel24 provides service for agencies using Sabre, Galileo or Amadeus reservations systems, as well as Internet booking accounts. We also assist in setting up GDS links with other agencies.

Refer callers to the agency's toll-free number during regular business hours. We also allow subscribing agencies to forward their telephone lines to ours, if required.

Travel24 accepts collect calls from countries outside of our toll-free service area.

Apply rates consistently to all agencies and provide flexible billing options.

Travel24 completely and fully understands the confidential nature of this business and the need to keep all of our clients' information completely safe. Any agreement we enter into with a client agency includes a clause that mentions the highest level of confidentiality. Travel24 will use all reasonable measures available to keep all client business information confidential. All agents of Travel24 have agreed to and signed a non-disclosure agreement whereby they agree not to divulge or distribute any of the client agency's proprietary or confidential business information.

All calls can be answered with your agency's name
State-of-the-art telephony and call center applications
Toll-free calls from over 30 countries (and collecting from all the others)
Technology infrastructure designed for optimal performance
Itemized billing
Experienced travel consultants available 24/7
Comprehensive reporting including: call statistics, ticketing information, reason for call and resolution of the callers' needs
Confidentiality and non-compete agreements