Quality Assurance

Since Travel24 promotes a high performance culture, it is carefully monitoring the selection of the staff by using specific parameters. Processes, technology and agent behaviours are continually aligned to meet the best service standards. We don’t provide service quality by automatically using a universal formula, but instead we are constantly improving by monitoring, forecasting and efficiently making adjustments.

Travel24 invests considerable time and money in ensuring the highest level of quality for all our clients’ customer interactions (voice, chat and email). Every interaction within our contact centre is monitored, allowing the Quality Assurance Team to evaluate the performance of all our agent communications and to determine ways to improve the services’ quality. We are using proactive monitoring in order to immediately provide feedback about the agents’ performance. This helps improving our services right from the start, ever since a customer contact has been initiated.

The goal of our call monitoring efforts is to improve our services’ quality. Our dedicated Quality Assurance Team works closely with our support staff (Team Leaders and Team Managers). It also performs daily monitoring and coaching sessions to ensure professional internal services throughout the centre. Similar processes apply in our Email Response environments, reviewing transcripts and metrics tracking in all of our electronic interactions.

At a minimum, Travel24’s agents are monitored at least once every two days. During each test, agents are evaluated and scored on various criteria regarding their communication quality. They are then provided with assistance regarding their performance, as well as improving methods. At this time, the agents are also encouraged to provide feedback on their account, which will then be shared with our client.

Travel24 effectively balances workforce management (WFM) within our call centre. We make sure that our agents are working at optimal levels and that we maintain a high service quality while minimizing costs. Our Workforce Team understands every single client account and uses the necessary resources for every specific task. Travel24 understands the sensitive nature of call centre scheduling and uses advanced WFM methodologies and technology. This is how we manage to achieve the required agent occupancy, as well as an efficient customer service, while simultaneously controlling costs.