Travel24 is a 24/7 call centre for corporate travel agencies and their clients. It delivers innovative and quality-driven customer service solutions across all of the industry segments. Travel24 provides a multichannel approach via voice, SMS, email and social media. It does it in a professional way, since it is using the most advanced technology, comprehensive insights, and dedicated specialists for each account. This customizable customer service method allows agencies to use business insights in order to deliver lifetime customer service and loyalty, as well as to gradually increase their revenue. The Travel24 team takes pride in creating a top to bottom ideal customer service experience for its clients.

Travel24’s professional policy is based on transparency and correct information. Having a mutual trustful relation with our clients is the most important element that keeps the team motivated and dedicated. It took a decade of working in the industry of Customer Service for Travel24 to be able to provide some of the best customer services at the most decent prices. This successful long-term strategy was implemented in important regions across the globe, with Travel24’s extended network reaching now more than 80 travel agencies in North America and the Middle East.

Travel24 acknowledges the importance of a well-done task, which is why it invests so much in its team, be it front-line agents, IT, HR or Marketing staff. When it comes to selecting its employees, Travel24 requires superior studies, a respectful and professional attitude, as well as analytical skills and a human approach regarding our clients. Being available non-stop is also a top priority for us. We provide information live via a round-the-clock call centre, email or text message, in order for our clients to get an answer as fast as possible.

Offering correct data in a short time, paying great attention to details and keeping a friendly and always-ready-to-help attitude are just some of the features that helped Travel24 remain one of the main brands in the Customer Service industry over the years.

Travel24 Company Facts

  • Strategically established across Canada, USA and Middle East with a highly educated home based travel agents.
  • Over 80 Travel agencies accounts are handled.
  • Leaders in telecom

    Leader in Wholesale Telecom Industry which enable Travel24 outstanding in their voice quality with reduced costs.
  • Experience

    10+ years of experience in the Customer Service industry.